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March 2023 Membership Spotlight on Lisa Just

Monday, March 20, 2023 8:53 AM | Anonymous

Lisa Just is the president of South Wisconsin Patient Service Area for Advocate Aurora Health.

Tempo Racine Membership Chair Liz Powell recently sat down with Lisa to learn more about her leadership journey. 

What led you to become a Tempo Racine member?

In all the time that I’ve worked for Aurora Health Care while living in the Racine area, I always became involved in the communities in which I worked. With the opening of the new Mt. Pleasant hospital and my main office now located here, I realized that I had the opportunity to network in my own community. I chose to join Tempo Racine for a variety of reasons; the focus on developing women leaders, the diversity of it’s membership, and the opportunity to develop stronger relationships with highly talented individuals who are committed to change.

What is an important piece of advice for female leaders?

Never underestimate yourself, and definitely never underestimate your ability to learn. I once expressed to a consultant whom I was working with that I was worried that having recently been promoted to a position I actually knew very little about academically, that for me this promotion may be seen as the “Peter Principle” in action. I will never forget that the consultant said that the Peter Principle, or being promoted to the level to which an individual is no longer competent, totally ignores that individual’s capacity to learn. I have always focused on continuous learning to benefit me in my current role and prepare me for the next unknown role.

What is your favorite thing to do in Racine?

Every summer I look forward to my season tickets at Animal Crackers, the Racine Zoo’s jazz concert series. It’s a combination of so many things I love – a beautiful view of our Lake Michigan, getting to see lots of people, enjoying great jazz music, and knowing it helps support our wonderful Zoo!

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